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This application is an attempt to create a new open source 2d game engine in c++ based largely on exisiting open source projects. Feel free to distribute this project as is or modified, or utilize any portion of it, for any purpose. I only ask you give me credit somewhere visible in your derivative works, and provide a link to this site.

Current features implemented:

Planned changes:


SourceForge Project
Right now because the engine is pre-alpha and many major changes are still taking place, the only way to get AnimateDream2D is through its SourceForge svn repository. I recommend using Tortoise svn to download the project and keep it up to date. If anyone else would like to contribute to the project I can set up permissions for others to commit to the svn repository.

svn co animatedream2d

Resources Implemented:

This engine is built on top five supurb open source resources. Note in the latest revision you do not need to download these to get AnimateDream 2D to work. Nevertheless they are worth checking out.

  1. Haaf's Game Engine or HGE for faster easy direct x rendering.
    [Direct Download]
  2. Guichan for a flexible gui system that hooks into HGE.
    [Direct Download]
  3. Box2D, a very fast physics engine designed for 2d games.
    [Direct Download]
  4. TinyXML, to make games easily configurable through xml files.
    [Already included in the AnimateDream2D project because its tiny!]
  5. Audiere, a high-level audio API
    [Direct Download]

If you have any further questions feel free to email me.